2023: Week 22 - Student Attendance vs Test Scores

Challenge by: Tanbir Jalil This is our next challenge from one of the members of the 38th cohort of the Data School UK. You have been hired to create a dataset for the Prep School that will allow them to analyse the correlation between attendance and test scores. Inputs Student Test Scores  Attendance Figures  Requirements Input the data First we must join the test score data set and the additional class attendance data set  Clean Data: there’s a few spelling mistakes in the data set, use the data tool of your choice to correct these mistakes before we proceed. These mistakes are in the “Subject”  Column Use a calculated field to clean up the test score column, so each number is a rounded to the nearest whole number Split the student name column so we can see the first name and surname in two separate columns, named appropriately If any student has an attendance percentage less than 70%, flag it as "Low Attendance" in a new column "attendance flag". Conversely, if a