2019: Week 32

At Chin & Beard Suds Co, we have come across another data challenge where customers who buy multiple products have their products held in a slightly complex way. Each product is listed in it's own column so two products sold leads to two separate product columns. You challenge is a fundamental one this week, to create a more logical way to hold this data.

We've thrown in an address clean up challenge for you too just to spice things up a little! US Zipcodes are a lot easier to understand than UK Postal Codes so enjoy the oddity if you are not used to them!


  • Input data
  • Provide the address columns specified in the output
  • Put all the products in one column, same for sales
  • Clean the product names to remove punctuation


  • 7 Columns
    • Property Number
    • Town
    • Postal Code
    • Country
    • Product
    • Sales
  • 12 Rows (13 including Headers)
The output can be found here for comparison. Don't to forget to fill in our participation tracker and share your solutions with us using #PreppinData on Twitter!

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