2020: Week 9

This week, things get a little more political. No Chin & Beard Suds Co don't have a political opinion in the US Elections but we do want to monitor what is going on. So let's look at how the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination is developing.

Using data from RealClearPolitics.com, we are also making it easier for our Tableau Desktop users to follow the results by forming the dataset into a Bump Chart. Normally this would involve Table Calculations in Tableau Desktop but we want to prepare the Dataset so it makes it a lot easier for anyone to build this chart type and complete the ranking for them (this can be done in Prep 2020.1 or a longer work around in previous Prep versions - I built it pre-2020).


  • Input data
  • Remove the Average Record for the polls
  • Clean up your Dates
  • Remove any Null Poll Results
  • Form a Rank (modified competition) of the candidates per Poll based on their results
  • Determine the spread for each poll from 1st Place to 2nd Place
  • Rename Sample Types: RV = Registered Voter, LV = Likely Voter, null = Unknown
  • Output the Data
  • Optional: Build the Viz


One file:
  • 7 Data Fields:
    • Candidate
    • Poll Results
    • Spread from 1st to 2nd Place
    • Rank
    • Sample Type
    • End Date 
    • Poll
  • 376 Rows (377 including Headers)
  • UPDATED: 383 Rows (384 including Headers)
The outputs can be found here for comparison. Don’t forget to fill the participation tracker and share your solutions using #PreppinData on Twitter.


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